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hi. does anyone know about a set of songs that i assume came on a cd that has the national anthems of all the khaleeji countries? and it's not an instrumental thing, it's more like crazy singing like at a soccer game. i heard it in my friend's car in qatar, but now i cant ask him what it was because i'm not there anymore. any help would be great.

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this is sort of important that i get accurate information on this.
what is the legal smoking age in the netherlands?


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do any of you know about any badass video editing (free) programs?
i really need one.
i tried zwei-stein but thought it wasnt that powerful and was really confusing.
any help?
thanks in advance

lip ring

i want to get a lip ring on my bottom lip in the middle. and it has to lay flush with my lip, not sticking out.
much like this guy 

so anyway, my picture is beyond the cut. tell me if you think it would be kool or not
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i feel like i have no time. i know i should be doing homework, but i don't want to. i'll waste the weekend away doing that shit. i just got back from robotics at skool. that is so fucking kool, i don't care how geeky it sounds. truth be told, i am a geek :)
no, but robotics was so fun. we had to program it to knock over all the coke cans in a square. but we couldnt get the motors to turn to the right number of milliseconds and all that. then chris would go off and fuck around with shit and we'd yell at him. i'm gonna name our robot unit over the weekend. i'm thinking something like "(name), flag burning, beer drinking, (something, something, something)" it'll be kool.
now i gotta go to the ski trip meeting even though i've been two years in a row. but andrew doesnt have a ride, so i guess i'll go. man, i want to go snowboarding so bad!

plus, it's about to be the long weekend.

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yay! the assault rifle ban has expired. criminals and terrorists rejoice!
you are now able to buy and get a license for assault rifles and for guns with clips longer than 5 rounds.
when i turn 18, i'm fucking there! i'm gonna get me an ak-47

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yeah, so i just got finished watching "neurotically yours" on the internet. foamy is the koolest.
"what the hell is a tall cup of coffee? this is the small size. isnt tall the opposite of small? oh, i get it. it's just some hoity-toity phrase that people use to not feel like a moron when they pay eight dollars for a urine sample sized coffee cup."
yeah, it's kool.

if you don't know what i'm talking about, <a href=http://www.illwillpress.com>foamy!</a>